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Night Lights in Naples

Posted on Friday, December 30, 2016

Not far from downtown Naples, just down 41 and into the Bayshore Arts District, the Naples Botanical Gardens offers a fun family friendly atmosphere all year round.  I find myself there many times throughout the year because of all of their great events including Hats in the Garden, Gardening classes, and even on certain days, you can bring your dog!  This time of year, though, I always look forward to our family tradition of heading over there for Night Lights in the Garden.  This year it was an extra special event because Night Lights is running alongside Origami in the Gardenartistic sculptures showing off the Japanese art of paper folding.


Night Lights in the Garden

Through every twist and turn at the Garden, a new light show awaited along with live music and an origami sculpture.  My favorite sculpture of the night was called “Masterpeace” and it was based on the legend that if you fold 1000 origami cranes within one year, you will have a happy, peaceful, and healthy life.  The sculpture had 500 cranes, with 500 more being reflected in the pond.


“Masterpeace” at Night Lights in the Garden.

It took us about an hour to meander through the garden.  We stopped to listen to some live holiday tunes played by a classical guitarist and a violinist.  There was also the opportunity to buy a sweet dessert and glass of wine at a few stations throughout the garden.

The beauty of the garden, the creative sculptures, and the live music really exemplifies what is happening in the Bayshore Arts District, the neighborhood in which the garden is situated.

Night Lights in the Garden runs on select evenings from the middle of December until January 4th. Night Lights in the Garden has just a few days left, so be sure to get out there soon!

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