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A Look At Current Trends: Traditional Design

Posted on Friday, July 29, 2011

We are often asked about design trends.  What is in style right now? If we are going to update our potential purchase, or redesign our home for potential sale, what does the Naples real estate market want right now?

One emerging concept is “transitional design” – a new everyday term in the design industry.  We asked Chris Hylemon of Hylemon Custom Cabinetry to provide comments on this popular trend.

Chris says “In short, it is the blending of Contemporary and Traditional styles.  It takes the best of both worlds to create an uncluttered, refined, yet warm and inviting space.  There is a reason that this style has become so popular.   Advances in technology have fortunately, or sometimes unfortunately, allowed the average person to be much more productive, stimulated, and accessible on a daily basis than ever before.  Because of this “always on the go” mentality, people desire a serene, and comfortable home environment where your body and mind can be allowed to rest.  Transitional interiors easily offer this respite in a more neutral and unadorned interior that highlights the use of simple-lined, warm wood tones for added visual depth, interest, and warmth.  Built-ins, cabinetry, and wood furniture can be either stained or painted and are often a combination of both.  Fabrics and upholstery items are typically more subtle in color and gender neutral, but do include different weaves or textures for added interest.  One reason this style has become popular in the Naples area is that the interiors appeal to many different generations of clients from a wide variety of geographical backgrounds.  Transitional design has been popular in the design industry for years, but just lately has become more prevalent in the local real estate market.

A transitional styled home, or model, offers a prospective homebuyer a leg-up on its competition. The typically white-walled and design void offering, while being a clean slate, may come off initially to the prospective buyer as a bigger time and monetary investment.   For prospective homebuyers, a transitional background is easy to visualize their items and personal collections.  It becomes move-in ready and is just that…a space that they can easily transition to their own.

For more information feel free to contact Chris directly at:

Chris Hylemon

Hyland Custom Cabinetry

1458 Rail Head Blvd.

Naples, FL 34110

Tel:  239.598.1604

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