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Florida Growth On A Rampage: Naples 10th Fastest Growing In The United States

Posted on Wednesday, April 01, 2015

pineapple classic drawing

(everything seems to be growing here – gardens, confidence and the economy)

Well Florida has done it – passing New York as the third largest state.  Florida now trails only California and Texas as the most populous.  See the news at Readers of this blog will know we saw this coming months ago and now it is a realty.

Somewhat surprisingly all of this growth has sprung little Naples as a top growth area nationally. ABC news reported ( Naples is now ranked 10th nationally as the fastest growing area in the United States. According to the article” Its population grew by 8,671, a bump up of 2.5 percent. ..The area added 6,600 jobs, for a 5 percent increase from the same month last year, ranking it No. 1 among all metros in the state.” Wow.

All of this growth is favorable to Naples and the Naples real estate market. The Naples News reported on March 13 the Naples News reported …. “After several strong post-recession seasons, the counties’ respective tourist bureaus show Collier’s bed tax revenues were up 17.3 percent in January year-over-year to nearly $3 million, from $2.6 million.” Tourism translates into real estate strength as tourists become renters who become buyers and resellers. Some invest. Clearly this third year real estate boom has legs.

The Lady Chadwick at Useppa

(beautiful weather and attractions brings in the tourists – another record year)

With all of this growth comes some great financial news. An estimated $1 Billion dollar surplus is expected in the state coffers due to growth, tourism, consumer confidence and population increases. Where do we go from here? Tax cuts for businesses to bring in more business to the state and increase our position further AND money for education AND money for Everglades restoration. Nice.


(more money for Everglades restoration and the creatures within it! (wikipedia))
I know, I know you think the Florida’s population increase is all about the retirees headed south.  You are partially right but the story is much bigger than the boomers retiring. For example the average age of Naples, Florida is decreasing so lots of young people are coming here too. Let’s take a look at what is happening.
Two powerful forces are favorable to Florida growth right now – demographics and economics. Demographically the boomers are retiring at a rate of 8,000 per day and some of them are headed to the warmer climate of Florida. Many of us know this and could have guessed at this. The economic factors may be lesser known to most.

Florida’s economic model is based on a sales tax system coupled with an absence of personal income tax. This “consumption tax” model taxes the spenders and gives a big break to the income earners – and boy is it working.


(business is brisk in at the farmer’s market)
Last year Florida posted a fiscal surplus along with business and young professional migration to the state. This year it looks like we are headed for a billion dollar surplus. Just ask Hertz why it moved its national headquarters and executives here. Maybe you should think about moving your company or yourself to Florida.
Visitors often marvel how Florida gets along without any state personal income taxes for qualified residents when other state face increasing fiscal issues even though they tax their residents. Florida seems to defy gravity. The population is growing, the books are balanced and economic growth is in full swing.
Our sales tax vs. personal income tax model (think consumption tax) is proving to be a positive influence in all of this. The tax advantage here compared to other states seem to grow more in importance each year as the “up north” fiscal policies continue to change.


(a break at the beach is a nice way to stop out of the in-season action for a while)
Oh and about those hurricanes. As awful as they can be – and make no mistake we hate them and what they do to people – the favorable economic impact might surprise you. Hurricanes are not a people positive but they are an economic positive, a big positive. Government aid + Sales tax trickle down = big state tax revenues during restoration. Now please remember the first part. We hate them and what they do to people BUT they have a positive economic impact for our State typically.
So what is the point in all of this? GROWTH folks. Our fair state is expected to keep growing. Good for business, good for real estate, good for a lot of folks.
What this means for real estate is obvious. With growth comes demand for new homes. Just look at the building boom in Naples right now. It is estimated 50% of all new home sales are newly constructed homes. Or look at prices as demand works against a short supply of resale properties – prices up 18% last year and headed for another 15% increase this year.


(our building operations are taking advantage of the growth trends)
Florida is growing, the books are balanced and the resulting demand for real estate is pushing prices higher.

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