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Lifestyles – 4th of July in Naples

Posted on Monday, July 04, 2011

The rains have come and Naples settles into summer.  A tropical existence emerges with the beginning of the rains, sometimes cooler and less humid mornings afford better conditions for outdoor pastimes – I like long distance cycling especially with lower summer car traffic volumes or a quiet morning in the garden (just tried out mango and some coconut milk this morning – nice).

Around town the Fourth of July weekend crowd is back.  Some northerners, Europeans on summer holiday, and Florida natives from the interior of the state enjoying our gulf side living.  AZN at Mercato was hopping last night, the theater business was good, and down on 5th avenue and Third street a fair number of folks shopping and enjoying our fine restaurants.  A weekend burst of activity before we go back to the quieter summer routine.

The 2010 tourist trade numbers are in and they are up 6%+ just like the real estate prices for the trailing 12 months.

Tonight we have the fireworks display – find a friend with a boat and get out on the gulf if you can and watch the unbelievable display against the backdrop of our tropical skies.  Or – head to the beach but get there early.  Beautiful fireworks in the night skies.

And while you watch fireworks wherever you are remember freedom is never free and give thanks and a prayer for all who sacrificed to build and grow this great nation of ours.

Happy Fourth everyone. – contact us in Naples for real estate questions and of course we like to talk about lifestyles down here.  Should be an interesting week ahead for us as we have a very interesting real estate listing appointment with a new client.  Also on the Naples real estate front we have a drive around with another new client looking for home to purchase and rehab.