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Luxury Property Markets Improving On Marco – But Still Take Some Special Skills

Posted on Tuesday, March 17, 2015

455 Palm Cir East outdoor living

(selling luxury property – like this gorgeous home we put under contract in Naples – requires some different thinking)

When our first clients to buy on Marco Island a few years ago fell in love with a home on the water we could see why – broad canal views, short drive to restaurants and beaches, unrestricted boat access to the Gulf of Mexico – all at prices below the usual Naples market. Beautiful, affordable and carrying that island panache which sets you apart from the maddening crowd. Let’s take a look at the Marco Island market this morning and see how business is fairing.

First the big picture. The Naples news reported Marco Island inventories were low (please see the full article at
We agree Marco Island supply levels did improve somewhat over the last month.  By our math supply is 10.11 months vs. 11.36 months last months.  (all figures from the Matrix MLS this morning). For all you quants check my math … There are 619 properties for sale and 245 have sold in the last 120 days. We would expect some support for future price increases at this level but not much. By comparison the Naples market is running much tighter, 6+ months and supportive of price increases.

(another beauty we sold in Naples )

Big picture numbers may be misleading.  Let’s look at an important Marco Island market segment – the luxury market. Here we see a different story implying different actions for sellers. If we define “luxury” as properties over $2,000,000 we see 79 such properties for sale this morning, 14 sold in the last 120 days and a supply of 22+ months – tighter than the  31+ months reported last month due to accelerating volumes. At these higher supply levels we would expect the price of luxury properties on Marco Island to fall unless buyers show up and transaction volumes increase. But it is not that simple.

Luxury properties in many cases are a market of “one.” These are special homes and condos with very special attributes – sometimes once in a lifetime buying opportunities. The buyers of these properties are also different. Sure they are wealthier than the average buyer but there are other behavioral differences as well.  The seller needs to understand the buyer here – especially at higher supply levels.  For example, the luxury buyer is more likely to start their search online AND they may send others to check the place out first. There are other important traits you should know about but let’s start with these.

So what? Why do these differences matter? Well the “so what” is the seller needs to tailor their marketing approach based on these findings – when you are in a “long” market at 31 months the art of marketing luxury properties to a different set of buyers really matters.


(the kitchen in the same home – one key to the buyer’s interest)

How do we do it? Well there are a few techniques, at least considerations, we would like to pass on to the luxury property sellers in Naples and Marco Island or in fact anywhere. Here in brief are a few ideas:
1) Eyeballs not websites. Online marketing is more than a website. Our website is great – sure – and the national real estate providers offer exposure but you need more. As an example – in addition to our favorite website – we have 10,000+ monthly followers through social media and we deliver 15,000,000+ pairs of eyeballs to your property. More than other firms – we would be pleased to show you the numbers.  If the buyers are online you want to be out there advertising – just like Mr. Collier’s advertising of old.
2) Realtors not buyers. You may have a buyer stop by but you need to network with the other luxury realtors. As an example we built a network of national realtors. High end property means higher commissions which means “build it and they will come” – other realtors will be pleased to refer buyers to other realtors to share in the commissions.  This allows you to get lots of realtors working for you.
3) International AND Domestic. It is estimated 21% of all Naples area buyers are international. So what? The “so what” is do you and your realtor have a brand that makes sense to the international buyer? Do they know and trust your brand? Hmmm, if you were buying property in Europe which brokerage would you chose to work with?  A brokerage local OR unknown to you or an international brokerage and a familiar name? Interesting.
4) Referring Websites. Many luxury buyers are looking online – everywhere. A recent buyer of ours – for personal and family reasons – was deciding between Barcelona, New York City and Naples. Where do these buyers search online? Beyond the obvious big national names they look at specialized luxury websites – ones which cater to these folks. Get your property listed there. Duh! We can help you do it.
5) Visual POP. If the luxury buyers are looking online from afar AND they are going to incur the expense of sending their folks to look at your place you had better have some great visual “pop”.  You do not get to speak with them when they make the first cut – your property and its lifestyle must speak for itself. Virtual tours sure but you need to think about the lifestyle here and add that to your push. We are “Previews” agents – a group first using video marketing way back in the 1940’s. We get it. Your property needs to “Pop” and sell this wonderful lifestyle of ours.


(the master bedroom suite with a view across the mangroves)
So the overall Marco Island real estate market improved somewhat last month and we may see slight support for price increases. The luxury market on Marco Island is going to need some specialized skills to sell those one of kind properties. Of course it can be done and we hope the ideas above are of help to our reader selling luxury property anywhere.
I hope you have an opportunity to visit or live in Naples or Marco Island.  If you would like to know more about living here just give us a call at 239.595.3921.

Please also consider reading our book “Understanding Naples Real Estate” to get you started on a real estate search or just give us a call about things to do here.

We look forward to meeting and talking with you soon,

Mark Goebel PA, Nan Goebel PA and David Goebel, PA
Co-Founders of the Naples Best Addresses Team

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