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Name The Turtle!

Posted on Wednesday, February 09, 2011

In the spirit of staying green our real estate venture is funding a marine project here at the Naples conservancy and adopting a sea turtle. Please go to Naples Best Addresses on Facebook and join our friends in naming this little guy.

This Kemp’s-Ridley sea turtle is endangered and for some reason (known only to the turtles at this point) the species is doing well in the Naples area. In the past few years their nesting ground was discovered in Mexico and these grounds are now protected. The turtles play an important part in our environment. Cold blooded, they wander north and south finding the right temperature and food combinations to survive. Once our turtle is released back into the wild in the next couple of months he (or she) will be sporting a very small transmitter and give us location information every two days for up to a year. researchers can track the travel habits for the first time – thanks to this research study by Naples Best Addresses – and learn more about this species – and how to save it.

The turtles are a wonderful part of the Naples Lifestyle. When you are at the beach or out fishing you may see these curious fellows surface and check you out In May with the advent of turtle nesting season these brave creatures will sneak on to the beach at night to make nests and lay eggs. Sixty days later the little guys emerge and make a jail break for the sea. Naples turns off her lights in the May evenings along the beach to avoid confusing the turtles and rangers build fencing to protect the nests.

Check out Naples Best Addresses Facebook page to enter in your name suggestions and look for future updates tracking and learning about our new friend.