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Naples Lifestyles: Healthy Living in Tropical Gardening

Posted on Monday, July 30, 2012

In addition to Naples, Florida real estate we like to blog about lifestyles here in this tropical paradise – after all life is about what you do with it not about real estate! Although my most recent lifestyle themes have centered around outdoor sports, particularly fishing and tennis, it is time I confess a Naples pastime of mine I just love – tropical gardening. There I said it. Right out there in the blogosphere.

Six years ago I enjoyed global full-contact business consulting and never would I have thought gardening would be in my wheelhouse. In fact, plants under my up north care frequently died, except maybe the lawn which was great looking but really does not count as a garden.

So what happened when I settled in Naples, Florida? Well the wonder of this tropical paradise for one thing. I have always loved the outdoors (thus all the outdoor sports stuff) and these tropical plants and trees intrigued me. Then my wife and I changed to a more healthy diet and I started working more edible healthy things into my new garden. Then some close friends and relatives became sick with tough things up north and we moved to an all organic garden – no chemicals for herbicides, fertilizers and pesticides. Then my garden – in part – became an organic food machine and I wanted to share this with others.

For starters, key limes, oranges, mangos, avocado, mulberry, surinam cherries, strawberry guave, plum, fig, blueberry, banana, peach and pineapples all grow in my tropical garden (some better than others!). All organic. All full of anti-oxidants, vitamins, and some with ancient cultural medicinal claims. And there is a lot more you can do – I am just out of room.

Oh this is fun. Even me, with my train wreck of an up north gardening record can learn how to garden down here. I may even join the “Rare Fruit Council” and keep experimenting. And oh yes, I do not have acres and acres of land just a yard around my house. Sure it is a little cramped in back out of site so I don’t jazz up the street appeal but oh how this stuff is growing.

Tropical gardening and healthy gardening. Just another thing to explore in the wide riches of the Naples, Florida lifestyle.

Contact us for more information on tropical gardening or if you must, real estate, in Naples, Florida. I have to go now and apply the monthly fish oil spray!