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Naples Real Estate Sales Volumes Accelerating – Rebound Continues

Posted on Tuesday, March 27, 2012

We took another look at the Naples real estate market this morning – particularly at sales volumes. Our readers will know of supply and demand improvements these past twenty-four months but you need volumes – trades – to make the market work.
So how are we doing? In the last twelve months Naples sales volumes increased 3.3% over the prior twelve months. A bit of a yawner but considered fantastic in these parts when you consider the big down turn starting in 2007. But the better news is the quarterly data. In the last three months volumes increased 11.54% over the prior quarter. Now we are talking. Is part of the quarterly increase related to seasonal variations? Probably, but do not forget we had a strong summer in 2011 and “seasonality” is smoothing – especially with our international buyers (21% of the market) in the summer months.
Ok too many numbers maybe. What does it all mean? Real estate volumes here in Naples are accelerating. Combine this with low inventory and you have the makings for a continued recovery.
Naples real estate seems to be ahead of national trends. Florida Realtor reported last week ”U.S. home sales are gradually coming back … (the best) sales of previously occupied homes in five years, when the housing crisis began. And the sales pace in January was the highest since May 2010, the last month that buyers could qualify for a federal home-buying tax credit.”

What does all of this mean for buyers and sellers here in Naples? Depending on the neighborhood, sellers should be growing confident they can sell their place if it is in good condition, priced right and marketed properly by a good Realtor. Buyers might consider the risk of sitting on the fence and potentially losing their target property to another buyer.
Let us know what you think – and have a terrific day.
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Mark Goebel, PA is a REALTOR with Coldwell Banker on 5th avenue in Naples, Florida with 35+ years of visiting and living in Naples. After 25 years at Accenture, Mark retired as a managing director and spends his time helping non profits and building a Naples real estate team with his wife Nan. Talk to Mark and Nan about life in Naples and why they chose this place to live full-time over all others and enjoy Naples real estate.
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