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Our Naples Traditions

Posted on Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Up North we had some fantastic yearly traditions that we will cherish forever. Thanksgiving at Grandmas, the Chicago Christmas Market and windows at Macy’s, and taking the boat downtown to the Chicago Air Show, just to name a few.  Now that we have lived full-time in Naples for a while, we have had time to establish some fantastic Naples traditions. And I cannot lie, some of our Florida traditions are my favorite!



Florida Lobstering at its finest!

Traditions have been on my mind lately because one of my yearly favorites is almost here! The last Wednesday and Thursday in July are reserved for Lobster Mini Season. It is called “mini season” because it is only open for two days and only to sportsman before the commercial season begins on August 7th. Mini season is a huge boon to the Florida economy, especially the Florida Keys. It is like deer hunting in Michigan where November 15th turns into a massive yearly family reunion in Northern Michigan … except with more sunscreen! This is the time of year that anyone who can get off of work heads down to the beautiful keys to try their hand at catching some fresh Florida lobster while making great memories and traditions with family and friends.  We bring along our scuba and snorkeling gear, lobster nets, and tickle sticks to catch our daily limit of “bugs” alongside hundreds of other boaters in the crystal clear waters. Then, we feast.  Butter, potatoes, corn on the cob, beer, sausage, lemon, garlic and more butter pair well with the star … the lobster. It is an all around great time to enjoy what Florida has to offer.


Lobster on the grill!

Because it is July, lobster season is in the front of our minds but we have other great traditions, too. We enjoy taking the boat to watch the Fourth of July fireworks set off from Naples Pier, the beginning of season when many of our friends return from up North to escape the cold, and, of course, Christmas. Jimmy Buffett has a Christmas song called “Christmas in the Caribbean” and my favorite line is “We have everything but snow”.  For the record, it does snow every day on 5th Avenue Naples during Christmastime. Two of our favorite Christmas traditions down here are the fantastic Christmas Eve church service at Trinity-by-the-Cove and the great yearly yule log from Mikkelsen’s Bakery. These are just a few things we look forward to every year, from which we cherish the memories and look forward to making new ones with great family and friends!

What are your Naples traditions? If you don’t have any, it’s never too late to start one. There is nothing like throwing any event that starts with the line “First Annual” or just trying something new.

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