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Supply Good – Demand Mixed In Naples Real Estate Market

Posted on Monday, December 12, 2011

We’ve been writing about favorable Naples real estate inventory decreases and the possible positive price impacts, let’s take a look at the demand side of the equation. Supply decreases are fine but you need volume to go with it. Supply and demand reviews are, in our opinion, the best way to cut through headlines and start to understand the facts of the Naples real estate market.

Here is the latest look at demand in Naples – a little mixed quite frankly. Month over month (past 30 days vs same 30 days last year) is down a bit with 482 sales vs 535, but the three month picture is a little better with 1564 sold properties in the last 90 days compared with 1529 in the same period last year (Source: Sunshine MLS, all Naples Area).

We think a fact based approach to buying and selling – especially understanding supply and demand in your target neighborhood – is a good way to negotiate buying and selling prices.  In the closing weeks of the year we expect a lot of foot traffic in our tourist haven here in Naples – we will see if this translates into buying and selling.

Have a great Monday and tell us what you think.

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Mark Goebel, PA is a REALTOR with Coldwell Banker on 5th avenue in Naples, Florida with 35+ years of visiting and living in Naples. After 25 years at Accenture, Mark retired as a managing director and spends his time helping non profits and building a Naples real estate team with his wife Nan. Talk to Mark and Nan about life in Naples and why they chose this place to live full-time over all others and enjoy Naples real estate.

Mark Goebel, PA