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The Naples Best Addresses Memo: Five Important Views We Would Like To Recommend

Posted on Sunday, October 23, 2011

1) International buyers make up 23% of Naples home buyers so this article in the Wallstreet Journal by By NICK TIMIRAOS is of particular importance to us. We in fact engineer our list/sell process to better reach these buyers.

Foreigners’ sweetener: buy house, get a visa.

2) We liked this article in Bloomberg as it speaks to favorable pricing and the importance of credit – similar to our blog view on pre-approvals – “buyers need to make it happen”

Epic Home Deals Await the Creditworthy
Bargains abound and rates are at record lows—for those who qualify By Kathleen M. Howley

3) House purchase “timing” advice is always interesting – but be careful – all real estate is local. See our blog for recent articles on timing – but we liked this article from the Wall Street Journal.

It’s Time to Buy That House From WSJ, Linked IN,

4) A good appraisal is central to pricing and seller financing qualifications. We liked this article as advice for seller’s preparing to put their home up for sale.

Ten Tips for Better Appraisals from the Wall Street Journal

5) After a search for a good annual (not seasonal) rental in Naples Florida this summer – in the so called off season – we saw first hand an improving rental market. This article by Meg Handley in US News and World Report is a good read.

How Renters Could Save the Housing Market
Enticing real estate investors could help heal the housing market