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The New Look of 5th Avenue Downtown Naples

Posted on Friday, April 22, 2016

As Bob Dylan famously said, “The times they are a-changin’.” Naples Best Addresses is excited for all of the changes going in on 5th Avenue. Downtown is expanding and upgrading! Let’s look at 4 big commercial projects right in downtown that range from early stages of planning to finished.

First, Phil McCabe is building a new mixed use building where Cafe Luna, Bella Maria Cafe, and Avenue are now. The plans for the new 3 story building look beautiful and will include 10,300 sq/ft of commercial space, 43 below ground parking spaces, and 11 residences on the top floors. While any new construction on 5th will be controversial, this new project will help give the west end of 5th Avenue a fresh and very upscale look.

Second, Naples Redevelopment Inc. has bought my grandfather’s favorite restaurant St. George and the Dragon on the east end of 5th Ave. It was one of Naples oldest restaurants from a time when martinis and prime rib was the norm. In all fairness, the restaurant has been closed for a while now and will be torn down for some more beautiful mixed use space. The property is over an acre and will feature commercial space downstairs and residential upstairs. This will effectively extend downtown 5th avenue east past the light at Tamiami Trail.

Third, Hyatt has just completed the Hyatt House which is just east of Tin City and Bayfront. Our office has already held a meeting at the beautiful new 186 room hotel on the Gordon River. It has brought more jobs to the downtown area, and will help to keep our restaurants and stores filled with out of town guests.

Finally, I saved the biggest project for last. The Gateway triangle. This is on the border of Naples and East Naples, where Davis intersects with 41. There are huge plans in the works to completely rejuvenate this area. The plans include a massive redevelopment into hotel, commercial, and residential space. Essentially something with the feel of Mercato is being planned to anchor the eastern border of Old Naples. It sounds far off, but the project could begin in as soon as just 1 or 2 years.


With commercial and residential development still going gangbusters in Naples these new projects are going to update, upgrade, and extend the already fantastic 5th Avenue downtown Naples area. Imagine walking from the beach on 5th Ave to the Gateway Triangle. You will walk through a few blocks of beautiful multimillion dollar homes with perfectly manicured gardens, then past all of the shops and restaurants. Cross Tamiami Trail and there will be more commercial and residential. On past Bayfront with all it has to offer, Tin City, and Naples Bay resort. Just to end at another Mercato type space, all within just a 45 minute walk. We can’t wait to see it and try out some of the new restaurants and shops!

As always, Naples Best Addresses will keep you updated as things continue to unfold.


*Photo courtesy of abc7