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The Olde Naples Sales Report – July 2011

Posted on Wednesday, July 06, 2011


If you are a seller, buyer or investor interested in Olde Naples single family residences talk to us.  We would like to equip you with the kind of information you need to make informed buy/sell decisions.

For example things like inventories, sales volume, and average price trends – especially if measured over recent time periods – can tell you a lot about seller and buyer behavior.  In addition you need to take a look at the various sub segments in the same neighborhood as buyers and sellers behave sometimes very differently as you move them through various price ranges.

This week we took a look at Olde Naples Sunshine MLS data over the past twelve months.  What did we find?  In general stable prices with some positive looking sales volumes and inventory ratios in some sub-segments.

In the under $1 Million market we see stable volume – about two homes sold per month.  What is encouraging in this segment is the inventory figure.  There is currently less than a twelve month inventory in this segment which should provide some positive upside pressure to price if historical trends remain true.

Things are slightly different in the $1-1.5 million range.  Inventories are slightly more than twelve months but the pace of sales, that is the rate per month is increasing.  In markets like this sellers feel better and buyers need to move more quickly –  actual performance on each property will differ.

In the $1.5-2 Million segment in Olde Naples inventories are more than twelve months and prices and sales rates are flat.  Statistically this segment of Olde Naples is not as bright as the others but there are some wonderful properties available if you look.

In the $2 Million and up segment the average sales prices is running stable right now at around $3,750,000 and inventories are slightly more than twelve months (but close) and the good news here – sales volumes are picking up.

Make sense?  It is straight forward and important to have these facts and more in hand when valuing property.  Call us at Coldwell Banker on 5th avenue or directly at 239.595.3921 if you would like to learn more.  We especially like to conduct “real time” looks into this information to support our clients.

(all data compiled from Sunshine MLS 7/6/2011)