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Those Old-Fashioned Real Estate Signs Really Work!

Posted on Monday, December 26, 2011

We will be the first to profess the power of social networking and all things digital , after all is followed by many and linked to Facebook and twitter and other online mechanisms – but a yard sign to sell real estate? Many times I feel we put that sign out in the yard just to satisfy the seller we are underway and working but I stand corrected – they may work better than I thought.

This week, on our best million dollar+ listing, a prospective, qualified and motivated buyer arrived just because they saw that sign in the yard. Last week a buyer came off the street and into an open house of ours just curious about the property and told a friend and now the friend is interested. Ok I am starting to believe the online world may not be the be all end all way to go.

According to our training local statistics show only about 9-11% of buyers first discover a property due to a yard sign while a huge majority start online. But, it still pays to use multiple channels as this week is living proof. In fact, I am going to review the whole use of flyer boxes in signs and 800 call back numbers.  You still have to watch those neighborhood rules governing signs – their use, shape, type, etc., but still you can work with the rules and still have an impact.

I also learned this weekend from a new sign company in Lake Bluff, Illinois “the value of a sign is nearly 2,400 TIMES more valuable than a 30 second Prime Tim TV Spot ?” Wow that is some statement. My friend Joe started up beaconsignsolutions and I suggest you check them out for more ideas related to signs.  But I like the idea.

So in the mean time when I go on my next listing appointment I am going to add the power of the sign to my otherwise digital pitch.  Keep putting those old-fashioned, old school open house and for sale signs in the sod!

Have a good week.



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