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Three60 Market – An Anchor of the Bayshore Arts District

Posted on Thursday, November 17, 2016

Walk into Three60 Market in the heart of the Bayshore Arts District and you will be greeted with a welcoming smile and a “hello”.  The bright green building on Bayshore Drive offers a patio overlooking the water and is adorned with lovely landscaping.  There aren’t many cars here on a Thursday mid-morning, but don’t let that fool you, there is quite a group inside.  I see a few bikes and others in their walking shoes.  This is part of what makes the Bayshore Arts District great.  You can walk or bike to get your morning cup of coffee and breakfast.  (There is a nice parking lot, too, which starts to fill up around lunchtime).


You can order your food when you walk in or, like me, get stuck ogling over the food on display in the glass cases.  Everything is fresh and delicious, its hard to choose. This morning, I decided on a the traditional Eggs Benedict, the hollandaise has some spice to it and the entire plate is beautiful.  I ate it before I remembered to take a picture!  I finished it all off with an iced coffee, which was perfect for sitting outside in the warm sunshine in the colorful chairs on the patio.


A delicious iced coffee enjoy outside.

Three60 market is one of the anchors of the Bayshore Arts District and is not only known for its delicious food and welcoming atmosphere, but also for the “BEST wine pricing in Naples – PERIOD!”.  You can sign up to become a Three60 Wine Insider and receive invites to special wine tastings and special pricing on wine. It truly is the best wine pricing in Naples and I saw a few people just stop in quickly to pick up their wine deliveries.

Being on the water, there are also a few open boat slips to arrive for lunch in style.  Don’t forget you can order your lunch or dinner to go. Three60 Market is open from 8am-5pm daily (closed on Mondays).

Rebecca Maddox, the owner, has big plans for the Bayshore Arts District.  She has plans to turn an empty piece of land across from Three60 Market into a place for food trucks to park and offer their food.  Food truck “parks” have become very popular in cities like Austin, TX and have been making their way to Naples.  This will be a great place to meet up with friends and try many different kinds of flavors in one spot.


One of the colorful patios outside of Three60 Market.

The food truck park along with Three60 Market will continue draw people to this wonderful part of Naples that is being redeveloped.  It’s in a great location just off of 41, close to downtown, and close to the upcoming TRIO and The Prom entertainment centers.

Three60 Market is a great place to stop by for a bite and we look forward to more to come in the Bayshore Arts District.

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Enjoy the week!

Megan Goebel

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