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Want To Create More Jobs? Build a House

Posted on Monday, March 04, 2013

I am reposting one of my recent articles related to job creation and the housing markets.  Why?  The housing recovery is fundamental to job growth in this country especially with the low proportion of remaining manufacturing jobs.  Can we grow the service sector?  Sure.  But housing baby creates a heck of a lot of jobs.

In my realtor classes a few years back my beloved teacher “Realtor Bob”, may God rest his soul, would frequently demonstrate how a strong real estate market was good for the economy and for jobs. He would go on to state during peak economic times one in ten jobs in America was driven by the booming real estate market. Was he right?  One in ten jobs?

Let’s think about this. Many persons benefit when a house is built. Lawyers, brokers, agents, surveyors all make a buck when the land is purchased. General contractors, architects, tradesman, suppliers, the lumber yard, designers, the furniture store, appliance makers, country club memberships, landscapers and probably a lot more benefit when the house is built. And what do all of these providers do with their money? Well they turn around and spend it on things they need and want. Food, more housing, cars, health …. the money and the spending multiplies through the economy. Lots of folks beyond housing benefit.

Building a house makes a big impact on the local economy. I am smiling at the time of this writing knowing several projects are breaking ground in Naples, Florida around us – here come the jobs that follow.

Goldman Sachs reported though an article on CNBC this morning (see “The housing recovery could be about to pay off in some new jobs. Goldman Sachs economists, in a new report this week, forecast that residential investment-related employment growth should pick up this year and next, and could start to add jobs at a pace of 25,000 to 30,000 per month, compared to the average 14,000 per month of the last year.”

So let’s support these new developments. This is a way forward for our economy.

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