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Where Are The Hot Real Estate Markets Right Now? The Answers Might Surprise You

Posted on Friday, March 14, 2014


Yesterday on the tennis courts a friend of mine was boasting we have less than thirty properties available in our gated community and this was surely a sign real estate was in great shape in our area. Close my friend, but you have to put volume along side of it. If actual sales have slowed than maybe we are not so hot. If sales are increasing obviously well then you may be right my friend.

Realtors like to look at active listings AND recent sales to calculate an inventory figure – you know – how many “months of supply” we have.  In Naples today for all property types we are running at a little more than six months inventory right now – very good when compared with a couple of years ago and we think supportive of higher prices. But all areas are not alike so for fun we calculated the inventory levels of all area in Naples tracked by the Matrix MLS and the answers we found surprised us (and we do this for a living).

So what did we find? Not what we were expecting.  Here is the top of the list where inventories are the shortest:

(GGE is short for Golden Gate Estates)

GGE 3-12 …  2.29 of inventory

GGE 67-78 28 35 … 3.20 of inventory

South Naples  …. 3.64 months of inventory
GGE 39-47, 61-65 28 29 ….. 3.86 months of inventory
GGE 15, 27-28, 193-195 30 29 ……  4.14 of inventory

And … these are the areas where inventory was the longest

GGE 13-14 48-51 28 14    ……..  8.00 months

Crayton Road 368 176  ……  8.36 months

Royal Harbor   …….  8.60 months

Pine Ridge  ……  8.89 months

Vanderbilt Beach  ….  9.45 months
S/O 41 E SR92   …..  9.52 months
S/O 41 E 951   …. 10.30 months
Port Royal Aqualane Shores  …. 16.00 months
The markets with the lowest inventory are in parts of Golden Gate and South Naples. Just by the math this is where we should see the strongest support for future prices increases. The relative measure of sales activity against supply shows these areas are the hottest right now. Does this mean prices will not go up in Port Royal and Aqualane Shores? Absolutely not – it just mean these areas are going to need to find some sales to keep it going.

What does all of this mean for buyers, sellers and investors? Well buyers might look at the inventory in two ways. Go to areas with the highest inventory and you might find sellers are willing to bargain more – maybe. Go to the lowest inventory areas and if you can find a good bargain you might be more confident in future prices increases.

A seller should always be aware of the inventory in their neighborhood. Many factors, not the least of which are condition, location and price as well as marketing but … if you get a good offer and you are in a high inventory area I would be less inclined to dicker with the buyer.

Investors? Ahh, I think this is where it gets interesting. Why not search for properties in the lowest inventory areas and try to find a bargain as one investment strategy? If you can improve the property within the confines of recently sold property prices then you are sitting on an improved property with a good price in a good market. Talk with us and we will help you find them.
Now all of this comes with a big, big caveat. Don’t think you can just take these figures and predict prices in these areas. Inventory is just one factor in the prediction of future market behavior. For example say you think you have found a “hot area” in the chart above. What if a developer comes along and build more property and over taxes the market? What if the economy downshifts and the buyers change to folks who only want to live near the beach? What if a new road is built and the time is cut to travel to the beach from eastern areas? All of these things may matter. Do your homework and do not, repeat do not, use this data by itself to make buy, sell or invest real estate decisions. Get with a good Realtor – we would be pleased to help – and sort it out.

For you mathematicians all figures were calculated using the Matrix system.  Transcribing data lead to errors.  We used the last 120 days sales, not 12 months sales to calculate inventory so we could capture most recent momentum.
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