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Why People Are Moving To Florida And What It Means For Real Estate

Posted on Thursday, April 09, 2015


(one recent migration with pick up and trailer from North to South)

Despite the number of car haulers and RV’s headed north carrying the seasonal folks back to their norther summer homes the Florida population is growing – and Naples right along with it. I know, I know you think this is all about retirees headed south in their golden years.  Think again, the results will surprise you.

There is a lot more going on here than a simple retirement trend. Let’s take a look at some of our findings.

Florida is now the third most populated state behind California and Texas just recently passing other states last year. From its very modest and first population boom just after the Civil War the state has come a long, long way. What is going on here?


(beautiful news on-water homes like this one cannot keep up with demand these days)

First we have the whole baby boomer thing going on and much has already been written about this topic. It is estimated 50,000+ persons retire in the United States every day and some of them move to Florida. All of them change market forces and marketing methods and products, etc, etc. They are a force to understand. Just consider the Hall and Oates concert at Artes last month. Packed, rocking and full of teary eyed boomers spending and whooping it up.

Ok you know about the boomers. What you may not know about the Florida movement is the migration of businesses along with the people. Add names like Amazon (new warehouse in Tampa) or Hertz world headquarters (Naples) to the Florida market.

Oh and there is the whole tax thing. No personal income taxes, no cap gains and a state running a surplus. A surplus with no state income taxes – interesting. Want to pay fewer income taxes? Move to Florida it is that simple. We are much maligned as too old or too crazy with our gun laws but remembers this – our model is working and we see businesses and people moving here and a lot of money and spending with them.

Jim White's Naples Pier Evening Photo

(ok, ok I get it. Ditch the winter, eliminate your income taxes, walk to the beach and “cool off” in the middle of winter – and we wonder why people are moving here? Duh)

Naples, Florida, is one of the cities in the state experiencing a population, businesses and tourism increase. We are bursting at the seams with tight restaurant reservations and new traffic patterns with cyclists, runners, swimmers, golfers fisherman, fisherwomen, gardeners, tennis players and more playing in the Florida sunshine.

What does all of this mean for real estate? Scarcity of homes primarily. Our inventory of available property running far below market equilibrium and as a result prices are increasing significantly – something like 18%+ in 2014 and 15%+ in 2013. New construction sells quickly and spec home businesses are again blooming. It is estimated 50% of all new homes sold in Naples were built in the last few months. Boom times.

Keep an eye on all properties near the beach. Due to our height limitations through zoning laws Naples needs to look east and north as it grows. Near or on-water property prices are increasing again rapidly. Average single family home prices have now gone over $1,000,000 in Old Naples, single family homes in Pelican Bay are over $1,000,000 and rents are on the rise attracting more property investors.

6 gap 2009 mark

(year round outdoor pastimes abound like long distance cycling)

Sellers in general are feeling a lot better. Some sellers may still be “under water” if they purchased at the last peak in 2006-7 but in general sellers are re-entering this more attractive market.

Can you still make mistakes as a seller in a seller’s market? Absolutely. Over priced properties in poor condition may still sit on the shelf.

Can you still find places as a buyer? Of course but you better be ready with good search tools, pre-approved financing or cash and a good real estate team like Naples Best Address that can keep you informed and help you search.

The Lady Chadwick at Useppa

(the peace of boating in the barrier islands vs. shoveling snow)

Get with our team at and we will help you sort it out. Even though so many people have moved here in recent years there is still plenty of room left for you!

If you would like to know more about living here in Naples, Florida please give us a call at 239.595.3921. We have toured or owned property in Naples for nearly forty years and we are truly fortunate to call this wonderful paradise our full-time home.

Please consider reading our book “Understanding Naples Real Estate” to get you started on your real estate search or just give us a call about things to do here.

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